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About the True Cellular Detox Program...
About True Cellular Detox™
The True Cellular Detox™ program is an online program for both practitioners and patients to learn the foundational principles and methodologies to detoxify at the cellular level.
The program teaches Dr. Pompa’s proprietary True Cellular Detox™ process in an easy to follow format through videos, quizzes and online resources. The website does the teaching; you simply provide the guidance and support needed throughout the process.
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This Program Includes:
  • Foundational principles of True Cellular Detox™ as a three phase and three component process, done in a three month time period (3-3-3)
  • True Cellular Detox™ protocol and supplement list for each phase of the detox
  • True Cellular Detox™ diet and 90 day menu plan with recipes, grocery lists, diet notes, pantry make-over guidelines, and recipes by week.
  • True Cellular Detox™ smoothie recipe eBook
  • True Cellular Detox™ exercise plan
  • True Cellular Detox™ emotional support program
  • True Cellular Detox™ advanced strategies
  • Virtual and simple in office toxicity testing
  • Over 8 hours of video training and 24 educational support articles
  • And much more...
Designed to:
  • Remove chemical and nutritional subluxations
  • Increase patient outcomes such as weight-loss
  • Increase collections and new patients
  • Educate and create patient retention
  • Create a new marketing machine for office visits
Benefits to You:
  • Perfect way to attract NEW chiropractic patients.
  • Perfect down-sell program.
  • Cross-sell implementation with current patients.
  • Additional resources for your office.
  • Easy sell and easy implementation!
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